Monday, November 6

POST 200!!

I finally had the time to go through all my posts and see what I was doing at different milestones.

At post #1 on August 18th, 2004 I talked about why I was making a blog. I'm currently storing the picture for my header on that post (easier to find). Also, it has a lionk to Laura's blog- which doesn't even work anymore because Laura has gotten married and changed her blog URL (see sidebar!). Laura is also currently incubating a little Wilson, due to arrive May 31st of 2007. I believe that's also Christa (my non-blogging sister, mother of Haydn)and Dewayne's Anniversary. It is also the anniversary of the day Christa and Dewayne found out that Haydn is a girl.

At Post #50 on May 24th of 2005 I posted twice that day- the actual post #50 is my favorite photo of Edna St. Vincent Milay and post #49 is my favorite poem by Milay- Love is Not All. I suggest you all re-read it (sorry for the weird font color).

At Post #100 I was a bit freaked out by my impending dental surgery, and anticipating a lot of changes that were coming up.
If you need a laugh, check out post #101

Post #150 was about the antique shopping I did with my mom one weekend. I love my aprons!! I got two more from my Granny when she died this summer- The first one is a smock my great great Granny dodgen used to wear. There was a picture of her in the hallway of my granny's house for as long as I can remember.

Don't you just love the fabric???

And this is one that my Granny had- it's sheer with sparkly black beads.

Post #175 is one of my favorite posts. I am still pretty captivated by the idea of the "Red Thread" of the sotry... I also need to add Lady in the Water to my Christmas List!
Sadly, i have been negligent in really getting my creativity off the ground, but I'm still working on it, and I've been doing a lot of crafty things for Christmas, and that always helps.

And here's post 200...
there are other posts I could have pointed out-
*the Chocolate Meat post
*the Rule of Eight
*The List of Lists

But I didn't ;)


mtnman said...

Christ and Dwayne?

Shirley said...

Chara, I can't figure out why the link to John and Laura's blog works on your blog and not on mine or the family blog. Would you check the html on the family blog and see if everything is okay? It drives me nuts when things don't work and I know they should!