Tuesday, January 31

The day before

So, I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I'm not super excited about it. In fact, I'm really nervous. I'm afraid that I'll pee myself or make a fool or myself like my friend Suzanne (repeated hit on the docotr while her husband was in the room) or worse yet I might just be in severe pain the whole weekend. Urgh. I hate seeing my own blood.

On a more cheerful note, I heard from a very old friend yesterday. I went to elementary school with kacey Henson and I e-mailed her sister before Christmas and apparently she forwarded the e-mail to Kacey and we've been chatting. It's funny to hear from someone that I haven't heard from in a very long time.

I am suprised by the sudden changes in my life. The possibility of Josh actuatlly having a job (while not that far-fetched, because he is one of the most hard-working people I have ever known, after all) seems so foreign and bizarre. We've been so long without any real idea of where we will be in six weeks or six months that it seems normal to live wondering where we will be or what we will be doing- while at the same time not really expecting anything to change at all.
It all sort of creeps up on you.



Laura and John said...

which sister? and how did you get in touch with her? weird.

I didn't do anything weird when I got my teeth out because they didn't give me very good drugs. I was achey for days though, so i'd hope for the drugs.

stefanie said...

good drugs are good. you'll look like a chipmunk afterwards... and you won't think it's funny then. ;)
praying for josh's job possibility. stability is a weird thing no? love you, miss you.

Jeremy Marshall said...

Wisdom teeth, eh? Yeah, those third molars can be pesky. Hey, probably you won't do anything half so goofy as I did under drugging. When I was coming out of it, I started using abusive language and swinging at people. Have a theory that they must not have got me good and under, but probably you have a better team. The knockout guy I had came in with what seemed to be a hangover and his hair cowlicked in about 3 places and said, "Welp, I'm George, and I'm yer 'nesthtist today." Anyway, you get to meet Mr. McFeely soon, so that should make everything alright. You can't be too upset when you get to meet that guy.