Thursday, November 3

have you seen this? is a new blog that Josh and I are doing together. Basically it is our Christmas lists online.

However, I was thinking about other lists we could make...
here are some ideas.

1. A list of things you can make out of marshmellows.
2. A list of people whose names seem to characterize them.
3. A list of things one should never try to cook over a campfire.
4. A list of names you should never give your children. (*hem!* Bulah Blue *hem*)
5. A list of things that could kill you that you might never expect.
6. A list of lists that would have "acorn" as the #1 answer.
7. A list of bumperstickers you could put on Warren Greene's car to confuse him (see

Any other ideas for a blog of strange lists?



Laura and John said...

First of all, it is "Beulah," second, it means Heaven, Third, come on, don't you like it?

I like the list of names that characterize people. I think Beulah could be on that list - if she was a real person.

Laura and John said...

oh yeah, and for the actual purpose of this post...

that's a good idea, christmas lists are getting confusing. I emailed out an Amazon wishlist, but this is more diverse. Good thinking - a whole blog about what you want.