Monday, October 30

post 199

As I was (finally) posting the hobbit picture to the lasat post this morning I noticed that I was very near post 200. I missed my blogiversary this year (August 18th)thought I did post on the 19th. I was a tad distracted that day, I guess.

With the realization that I have been keeping this blog for almost 200 posts and over three years, I had to go back and re-read a lot of those posts. Some of them were obviously just me rambling, and some were more meaningful to me.

I also took a peek at my first post... Apparently my whole purpose in starting this blog was simply to keep my family and friendsup-to-date on what was going on in my life. It made sense because I lived 4.5 hours away from my Parents. Now I also use it to keep in touch with my cousins, aunts and uncles... and myself.

When I was in High School (right after we moved to TN) I started writing every night. It drove Laura nuts because she had to listen to me typing, but it was a deeply creative time for me. Even though I mostly wrote terrible poetry, I still feel like I was in a better place as an artist than I am now. Except for my blog. It keeps me writing and thinking.

What I write about has evolved over the last 199 posts. I don't feel as obligated to post every single day (though, ironically I still do post more often than I did early on), and I don't post as much meaningless drivel on here. I try to talk about things that are important to me. So what is this blog about? Why do I post my thoughts here, now? I know it's not just to keep in touch with people I don't see often, though that is part of it. Why do my fair readers keep blogs???

The real question is why on earth do you read this? Ha ha!

I'm working on something fun for my next post so keep your eyes peeled!



Meredith said...

I read your blog to keep up with what is going on with you, and what you think. I write my blog to get some stuff that is on my mind off into the world, and to let family know when something happens (big or small, aparently). I'm looking forward to what you have to share next.

Ben said...

i think my brother is a good judge of character and heart, and just instinctively a good person...i read this b/c in a vicarious way i have love for you. your bold and real sincerity takes me by surprise. i check in for other reasons too. i'm sure i do.

Shirley said...

A year ago, if anyone had told me that, a year later, I would have a blog on the Internet, I would have had to ask what a blog was!! My, what can happen in a year! I absolutely love reading everyone's blogs. It's hard to explain, but I get a warm, fuzzy, feeling each time I read a new post by one of my nieces. It's almost like being there. Makes me proud to see how you all have grown into such lovely and smart young ladies. Keep those post coming!