Wednesday, August 18

A call to adventure...

So this was my husband's idea. Something to keep my family- and possibly myself- up to date on what's going on with my new career.

I am a storyteller.

Joseph Campbell says that every story begins with the call to adventure- something that happens to engage the main character. Well, I guess my call to adventure started a year ago when my husband and I moved to East Tennessee State University to go to Graduate school. I decided that I wanted to study Storytelling at the only place you can study storytelling. Here we are right next to Jonesborough (the Mecca of all Storytelling) and I feel like the wallflower at the dance.

I am enjoying my storytelling, though. I've started to tell some personal stories lately and that has really opened me up. As an artist. (I've been recently reminded that storytelling IS an art form and that I am going to have to think of myself that way if I want to grow as an artist.)

Anyway, I hope that this is actually interesting to some of you... if it is you might want to visit my sister's blog:
Laura just moved to Memphis to start work on her Art History degree, she is also a very talented painter.

Chara Watson (Charlie)


salida stage right said...

Nice title. Your blog looks quite professional too. You should consider linking some audio clips of you telling stories. Wouldn't that be a great reason to buy a digital recorder? OK, maybe not.

A. Kendell Porter said...
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