Monday, June 5

My Weekend Fun

In an effort to honor Whipup's "Finish What You have" month I prepared something to finish. (also I need to get to that crocheted blanket that I am working on for Josh's brother and sister-in-law, Matt and Heena).
I went to an antique store on Saturday with my Mom and we were searching for buttons. We found some pretty big jars of buttons but neither one of us were convinced that they were actually antiques and i wasn't paying $32 for a bunch of buttons I could get at Jo-Ann's. I finally found some in some little baggies that were $2 each. I'm not sure they were really antiques either, but there were some interesting buttons in there.
I also looked through some buttons that my Mom had and picked a few out. This is all for my flower project.

I also found some really neat Aprons, which I would like to use for curtains in my kitchen, but they don't match well enough to use both in the same room. I am hoping that I can find another one (maybe like the cross stitch one) to go in the kitchen. I just adore the other one, though! the colors are great and the geometric pattern is really attractive. Maybe I'll just wear it!

I'm going to work on the flower project this afternoon, so maybe you'll get to see some pictures of a finished project this afternoon.

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Laura and John said...

OOh! I like your buttons.

I'm glad you finally got some aprons too. You should try yard sales too - summer is the best time!