Friday, October 27

Home Sweet Home

Josh and I have been talking a lot about buying a house, but houses in Nashville are WAY more expensive than in Johnson City. We could easily buy a house in johnson City with our current salaries. In nashville, however, it's a whole different story. The average home costs something like $160,000 -$180,000. Yikes.

So we've also been talking about green building (I especially like the idea of a green roof) and today I stumbled across a post on Neatorama about a Hobbit House. Yes, you read that right. Looks like a hobbit house from Lord of the Rings. Check out the website- it's not huge so it shouldn't take long, but it has plans and a layout of the house. It's so cute and probably much cheaper than a regular house.

Anyone want to build a hobbit village with us???

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