Saturday, August 13

Suggestions are welcome...

I had my 20 week Ultrasound yesterday.  Never mind that I am only 18 weeks today, I was glad to go ahead and get it done.  Josh won't talk about baby names until we know what we're having, and I'm kind of anxious about naming this one.  We chose the names that we loved for a boy and a girl... now what?  Just FYI, name suggestions are welcome.  

The I'm glad that Caroline will have a sister, and a little sad because Jonah seemed to want a brother so much.  I wouldn't have minded having another boy.  I thought I was done after this one, but we have already started talking about, "if we have another one..." and whether it might be a boy.  I did remind Josh that it is the male DNA that determines the sex of the baby. 

So Caroline will have a sister and I will have another girl.  I'm already looking for the perfect fabric to make her bedding and her blankets.  I've been thinking of Russian Nesting Dolls.  I like this one, but $10.00 a yard seems steep.  I also love the fabric used for this, but she's not selling the fabric, just a blanket.  I also had a friend suggest this, which I like as well.  I need to look on spoonflower a bit more.  Since Caroline and Baby X will share a room, eventually, I would like them to have somewhat coordinated fabrics... or at least fabrics that won't clash too badly.  

Fabric suggestions are also welcome.  :)

Having girls has been a source of some anxiety for me.  It seems that there are so many things that girls are subjected to in life, that boys don't have to worry about.  A friend of mine moved to India recently.  She is a little younger than me, but married with a child, and she recently posted on her blog about an incident that was truly frightening.  It's also all the "princess" stuff and the prospect of being the role model she will look to... It's all just a lot.  

My sister recently asked me about a pot I had about raising girls, and if there is one on my blog, I can't find it.  So here is what I think:

Raising children is hard, right now.  I've heard a lot about banning children from public places, and it seems like there is a cultural hostility toward childhood.  While it seems pointed toward both sexes, it seems to be especially pointed toward girls.  We push them toward puberty earlier and earlier.  We push them to wear more mature clothing and push themselves out in front of other people for approval.  It frightens me for them.  Will my girls really get the chance to just be little girls, or will they be need to transition to "tween" at age six???  

There is a book I heard of and have been wanting to read, but I can't remember the name... Maybe something like, "The Princess Factor" but I can't seem to find it.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, it all seems like a lot to worry about when really my daughter seems most interested in baby dolls and putting things in her mouth, and her sister isn't even born yet.  

My sister was looking for stories about strong princesses to read or tell to her girls and I like that idea.  I'm compiling a list, starting with the book "Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World" by Kathleen Regan.  I have had this book for a long time and have really enjoyed reading the commentary after each story.  It's sometimes hard to figure out why the heroine might be considered a heroine in come of them, but she finds strength in women that is often very hidden.  

Other books: 
The Paper Bag Princess By Robert Munsch (I used to tell this story)
The Penderwicks, By Jeanne Birdsall (which I haven't read yet, but have wanted to read for a while, so it may come off the list)

Other title suggestions would also be welcome.  



Monika said...

I love the idea of a Russian Nesting Doll themed baby nursery, but I do think it will be hard to find/expensive to pull together :-/

Here's the fabric from that blanket, but like the first one you found $10/half yard

And a fair variety of matryoshka fabric here

Chara said...

It might be less hard to find, since my parents both did mission work in Russia years ago. Also, I'm not thinking a whole theme- just some bedding. At most I would need 3-4 yards.
I do Really like the blue fabric- I'm just not totally sure about it yet. I'll look around a bit before I make a decision. I don't know if I'd mind paying $10 a yard, since I don't need that much and It should last a long time.

Whitney said...

Are you thinking of Cinderella Ate My Daughter?

Monika said...

"Cinderella Ate My Daughter" maybe for the book?

Whitney said...

OH, and here's a recommendation: The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye. Also Robin McKinley's "Beauty" and Ella Enchanted the book, not the movie.

Monika said...

I looked back on LJ and this is the link you posted earlier this year:

Rishi said...

I agree that our culture is rushing our girls into a life I don't want for my Goldie. Example: She came home from kindergarten complaining that I wasn't giving her what she needed because she didn't have Justin Bieber (sp?) shirt.

Then when we are at her grandmother's where there is a TV I watch her enjoy Baby Einsteins and Dora. I then started to wonder if I am holding back her back. But I realized that I have been able to let her be her little girl self at least for a little while.

Being the big sister to three little boys often gives her a lot of responsibility, so as I contemplate her present I see that in her "life work" she bears more than others, but in her "play" choices she is probably less sophisticated than many of her counterparts. Currently, one of her favorite toys is a doll I made for her that she can dress in a variety of newborn clothes.

I suppose that is where I am grateful for public education (at this point) I can still shelter her in many ways as we discuss daily what she experiences at school, but at home we become especially selective in her exposure to the outside world. I look forward to keeping her a little girl for as long as possible.

I hope your journey into all things girl goes well.

Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

Ronia is my FAVORITE book ever! Astrid Lindgren also wrote some stories about Madicken--not sure what her translated name is, and about Lotta (who gets into lots of mischief). Of course, she is best known for Pippi Longstocking-- no cooler girl than that!
For YA readers there is "The Golden Compass." Lyra is a beautiful character--I love that her power comes through her sense of intuition, a very feminine quality.
My sister's name is Josephine, and I've always liked that. I could see a Jonah, Caroline and Josie/Josephine.