Wednesday, August 10

Rule #3

It never fails.  Today is one of those days when I could crawl back into bed and go to sleep without a problem.  Not to mention that I'm short tempered because my mind is elsewhere.  There are things I didn't get to finish yesterday that are staring me in the face and I am dreading having to deal with them while also dealing with two small, bored children.

It never fails.  On any day that I feel like this, my children will be equally distemped and irritable.  The bo9y wants to wrestle the girl.  She wants to be held.  We don't have what either of them wants for breakfast.  Lots of whining ensues... some of it from me.

I take them outside because our house is small and they seem to be right on top of one another.  We have an acre and the boy still follows his sister around the yard, trying to tell her what to do and taking things away from her.  I hear him yelling, "Caroline Andrew!  Come here right now!"  and I hear my own voice.  I have no patience today, and neither does he.

Rule #3: Your children will follow your cues.  You set the tone.

Yes, they will have the odd day when they will just be out of sorts, but for the most part, they will mimic what they see and hear from you.  We all know this.  Who among us hasn't heard something come out oft heir mouth and we are instant able to identify the source immediately.  There are some that are especially cringe-worthy.  We hear the exhaustion, impatience, unkindnesses... but we may also hear the love, appreciation and kindness.

When my son is out of control, it upsets me.  He's almost four, which means there are a lot of things that he want to do that he simply can't do.  There are so many things he has no control over.  It is infinitely frustrating to be four.  I have to be cautious that my own frustration, my own lack of control doesn't overwhelm me and spill over into my children.  It's so easy to become that evil stepmother, given over to my own jealousy, anger, and hatred.  Without compassion, there is no ability to temper that whirlwind in my own heart, much less the whirlwind in his.

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