Friday, May 14

A Daughter

"When you realize that you are the woman – you are the woman she is going to hold up against all other women, you are what she will know when she becomes her own woman – you want to be some woman. I mean, you want to be the most amazing woman in the universe."  

This is from a  birth story on one of my favorite birth blogs.  I've been a little afraid of having a daughter.  Perhaps it is fear of retribution when she turns thirteen, or maybe it's just because I've seen the girl's clothing section after they get out of the toddler clothes (do they have to look like tiny hookers?).  Or maybe it's just because my own mother has been such a huge molding force on my own life that I can't imagine being that kind of spectacular woman for someone else.  It's a daunting task.  

I'll meet her in the next few days or weeks, and then it will begin.  My task of mothering a daughter... of being That woman for her.  

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Mindy said...

Oh, Chara. You're so sweet. What an incredible responsibility. I don't know that I've ever looked at it like that.

I know you'll be a wonderful mother. You've been such a great example for women (younger and not) already.

I know you can't wait to meet her. Good luck. :)