Friday, June 29

I ran a mile and a half this morning on the treadmill.  Apparently the gym opens at 6am in the summer.  I feel like I have more endurance on the treadmill and I have to wonder if that's normal.  Is it just because I like to be able to measure things or is it because I'm actually able to maintain a higher speed for longer?  It's hard to say since I've not really been timing my runs before, but it's something I've noticed before.  Then again, I felt that way when I ran my last 5K, and I finished faster than normal.

Who knows.

I feel good, though.  I saw one of my students in the gym and he looked surprised.  Maybe it's because I look all sweaty and gross and unattractive, but maybe he was just impressed at my speed?

Who knows?

I picked up a basket from a farm co-op yesterday and I'm looking for something good to do with peaches that I can share with Caroline.

Some ideas:

Peach Butter
Peach Butter  Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Easy Peach Cobbler  
Peach Crisp Source: via Lynn on Pinterest
Peach Salsa
Peach Smoothie Source: via Martha on Pinterest

I need more peaches.

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