Thursday, June 28

In Which Chara Decides that She Should Sprint for a While.

In Which Chara Takes a Metaphor Way Too Far. 

Written on June 25th
This morning I got up at 6:38 and went running.  I ran a mile and a half, which is a lot less than I normally do, but I was running outside, and I decided not to push myself.  I've been running exactly one other time since I had Sadie.  I am also the same weight I was when I gave birth.  After three babies, the weight doesn't exactly melt off anymore.  I can't rely on just breast feeding to get rid of the extra calories.

So I ran a mile and a half today.  I feel good, this morning.  I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but it will feel good. 

Written June 26th
I didn't run today, so I did a little Jillian Michaels.  She's crazy and I'm way out of shape.  The kids were playing in their room until the end of it.  Caroline joined me for a bit and it was pretty funny to watch her doing squats and boxing.  I'm exhausted and I was sore when I started.   

Written June 27th
I got up at 6:15 and left to go run.  I saw the same couple there that I saw the first time.  I don't really like running on the track- I'd rather be on a treadmill- but it's nice to see them again and the morning is so pretty and peaceful.  It's the only time of day that it's not blazing hot and I am alone with my thoughts.  That almost never happens anymore, so it's nice.  It's nice to be able to hear my own thoughts. Sometimes I forget that I have them.  

Feeling better the last two days.  Boy am I ever sore, but my mood is picking up already.

And tonight I have set out my running shorts and a t-shirt, my shoes and the good socks and I am looking forward to waking up at 6:15 to go run.  I want my time alone.  I want my mood to stay like it is.  I want my body to be healthier.  

I skipped running this morning.  I didn't do anything, even though I made a deal with myself that I will do something every day.  It's okay.  Today was today and tomorrow will be tomorrow.  

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