Friday, May 11

The things I don't want to do anymore...

1.  Lose my cool with my kids.  Yeah, they're kids and they eat chalk and scratch one another, and ignore me, and do all sorts of things they shouldn't do, but they're kids!  I gotta remember that.

2.  Stay up too late at night.  Did I mention that it's 12:03 right now, and tomorrow I'll be all draggy and tired?

3.  Forget to run the dishwasher/put the clothes away/drain the bathtub.  It's always one little job that I forget to do because I'm too tired to check before I go to bed, and then I have to deal with it in the morning when it's far more annoying.

4.  Avoid having my picture taken.  I just realized the other day that I didn't have any recent pictures of myself.  At all.  Maybe it's because I'm back at that comfortable, thoughtless weight, or I'm always behind the camera, but whatever the reason, I need to have my picture taken.

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