Monday, May 7

Ice Cream and Perfection

This will be the first in a series of posts prompted by my husband.  I told him to give me a topic.  He said, "Peace in the Middle East."  I said, "No.  Nothing Political."  So here we are at Ice Cream.  

When I was growing up, the most wonderful ice cream in the world was Braum's.  We would go occasionally when I was a child, and have a cone.  That is, until we moved away from Oklahoma when I was in the 5th grade.  My favorite has always been their pumpkin ice cream, which is seasonal, so you can only get it around Thanksgiving and Halloween.

But like I said, we moved when I was in the 5th grade and we had other ice cream, but not anything to write home about.  I still remember when my grandparents came to visit once and brought Braum's Ice cream in their trunk, in a cooler with dry ice.  They were heroes.

When Josh and I moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 I was pretty excited ot be living back in an area where there were Braums' every few miles.  But you know what?  Since we moved here I haven't been overwhelmingly impressed with Braum's.  Sure, there was their Peach ice cream last summer and the Gingerbread in the winter, but mostly it's just ice cream.

I think that there are things that we build up in our heads to such a state that we can't be entirely objective about them.  The idea of them overwhelms the reality and they ultimately come to disappoint us.  Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy a good cone of Braum's, but it isn't quite the ethereal experience that I had when I was a child.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are like that.  Those are the days that my children are in Sonshine School.  In theory I have five hours of freedom.  In reality I have four hours to run errands, and catch up on hulu and think of all the things I could do, if I were a little more prepared.  So much of that free time is wasted by indecision.  I want to do something useful and meaningful, but in the end I end up doing laundry.  How does laundry rejuvenate me?  It doesn't.

Tomorrow, Josh will take the kids to school and I will be at home with Sadie all day.  I won't have a car because Josh's car died recently and we're living as a one-car family until we sell his and find him a new one.  So, for tomorrow I will be at home.  I am already thinking about how to make the most of my time.

Recently, I found a recipe on Pinterest for a way to make your own ice cream in just ten minutes, and it's really great.  How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

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