Saturday, September 11

Why are you here?

At the first workshop this weekend, Carol Birch began by asking if there was anything that any of us were specifically hoping to get out of the time with her.  Several people offered suggestions of things that they were looking for, but I wasn't entirely paying attention.  I was thinking about what I was trying to get out of my time.  I realized that I wanted to learn to multitask.  I had already heard lots of Carol's workshop before (not that I didn't learn anything- quite the contrary) but I wanted to hear it, and learn from her, while simultaneously trying to care for a child.  Because this isn't really an option for me right now.

I was nervous because I had Caroline with me and if she fussed I might have to leave, or I might annoy the other participants.  I didn't want to be rude, but when you are a child's sole source of nutrition, you can't exactly leave them at home.  I was lucky.  She slept through most of the workshops on Friday.  She didn't do as well on Saturday, so I missed some of Bill Harley and Willy Claflin's performances this afternoon, and I decided that she wasn't going to be cooperative enough to take her to Charlotte Blake Alston's workshop- but for the most part she did great.

I proved to myself that I could do both at one time- she wasn't perfect, but I could deal with that.  I'm really wondering how other storytellers do this.  I know that there are other gals my age with kids who still manage to perform regularly.  There is one in particular that I am thinking of, and I really want to know what her secret is.  Is her husband just insanely supportive, or does she have a live-in nanny?  I don't know.

Anyway... I managed to get more out of the weekend than I was hoping for.

I got to see an old friend that I hadn't seen or heard about in a long time.  She was doing well and doesn't live all that far away.  I'm hoping to get to see her again.

We got to take Jonah to see storytellers- something he probably only thought his mom did, up until now. 

And I relearned a few very valuable things that I'll talk about some other time- it's getting late.

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Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

oh, multitasking. I'm trying to not think it's unfair, since you're right, it just is the way life is now.
I took a day-long workshop (Norwegian seljeflojte). I had Ennis with me to nurse and then passed him off to my ECFE leader, Lynn. I still felt really worried about disturbing people--suddenly his cute little nursing noises seemed like a litter of piglets! It really made me wish for a culture that is family-centered rather than job-/achievement-centered.
Good for you for doing this--I'm impressed.