Monday, September 20

1000 Gifts (post #1)

Recently I started reading/following a blog called New Nostalgia.  She has started making lists of blessings- a post of about 25 at a time and because of the title of the post, I'm assuming she's trying to get to 1000.

It seemed like a good idea to me to really think through the ways in which I am blessed.  So here it goes...

1.  My Children
2.  My husband (I could not ask for a better man)
3.  My adjunct job (how awesome is it that I have to opportunity to get out of the house and deal with college kids?)
4.  My home
5.  My van
6.  The gas in my van
7.  the local library
8.  My Mom
9.  The abundance and variety of food available to me.
10.  That Jonah is incredibly verbal (what a blessing)
11.  My degree in Storytelling
12.  Strawberries
13.  Religious freedom
14.  God
15.  Sunshine
16.  Electricity
17.  Clean water
18.  Good friends
19.  books
20.  photos
21.  My Sisters
22.  My health
23.  The fantastic birth experiences I've been able to have
24.  Good friends who check on me when I don't sound like I'm doing very well
25.  wind chimes
26.  peanut butter
27.  porch swings
28.  nap time
29.  Fall

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t sanders said...

This is a great idea.

However, I'm slightly offended that your gas made it on the list before me.