Saturday, May 15


So, being pregnant and not having to work this last few weeks has given me a little spare time... mostly to come up with projects that MUST be completed before this child is born.  Nothing too messy- mostly cleaning out closets and making trips to Goodwill.  However, I was sitting in the waiting room two weeks ago and saw this fabulous headboard in a magazine by the Crafty Convict  and I fell in love with it.
We haven't had a headboard since we got rid of our sweet little full-sized bed (the trade-off has been worth it) and sometimes it drives me a little crazy.

I was called back so fast that i didn't have the presence of mind to check the issue, or steal the magazine or anything, so when I got home and started talking about this headboard to my poor husband, he was just at a loss.  I googled the bed, the magazine... I scoured the website to see if they had a picture somewhere.  No luck.

Bless Josh.  I think I had to explain my (terrible) drawing a million times but he built it.  It's not exactly the same- the one in the magazine was white with crown molding around the top and ours it black and very simple, but I like it better.  We're using the underside for storage and the top to display pictures and hold our lamps.  No junk.  All that goes in the shelving on the sides.


Almost everything on my list has been completed- everything I can do anyway.  There's just one more thing on my list, and I don't really get to decide when that happens.  I'm not due until the 31st (still 16 days away) and I went 8 days overdue with Jonah.  i could still be waiting in June, as hard as that is to believe.  Still, I've already got people making THE comment.

"Haven't you had that baby yet????"

Seriously, People of the World, no pregnant woman wants to hear that.  Obviously we're still here, or you wouldn't see us.  Obviously we're still pregnant or there wouldn't be a giant bulge under our shirts.  Obviously we're uncomfortable- wouldn't you be?

So, from me and all the other expectant Moms out there- Please, just say something nice about how lovely we look and leave it at that.


Laura said...

ooh, I want to see a picture. We need a headboard, too.

Chara said...

I keep meaning to post a picture, but I can't get my boys dressed and out of the bed.

Chara said...
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Mindy said...

Aw, Chara, you're so sweet. I'm sorry people are already asking you The Question. I totally understand not wanting to hear it and state the obvious answer. I very much appreciate your solution - say something nice about how pretty you are. Sounds good to me.

The headboard sounds great. Can't wait to see a picture of it. You guys are so crafty. :)

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I really love the head board and I
understand why you do too. I see a
suitcase at the end of the bed!!
Ready, set, go. :)
Nana Carole