Friday, April 30

Expired milk?

So, around here, we rarely have milk go bad anymore.  We drink it like crazy, so I rarely look at the expiration dates when I'm picking up a gallon (more likely two or three).  Unlike my last pregnancy I will not be wondering over the possibility of having a baby before my milk goes bad.  Instead I'll be hoping that she takes her time.

As of yesterday I am officially not working anywhere.  And may I just say: Hallelujah!

I've got to enter grades for my students at OC, but I am not returning to Sonshine School at Edmond, except to drop off the monkey.  I am a woman of leisure.  Heh!  I shouldn't say leisure, because if you could see my to-do list right now you would laugh at me.  You'd probably tell me that I ought to hope this baby doesn't come until August.  

In some ways I'm hoping the time flies (What can I say?  I'm not altogether comfy right now.) But in other ways I'm pretty sure that the next 31 days are some of the most precious time I'm going to have for a while.  

It's not that I don't want to meet Sweet Caroline, but I also think about how much time I spent preparing for Jonah, and I haven't gotten to do that for her.  I'm also thinking about how much less time I'm going to be able to spend with Jonah afterward.  I think about how confused and slighted he might feel.  I feel torn.  

Eh... what else is new?

So I'm looking at my to-do list.  I want to make a place for this child.  I want her to be welcomed into our home and made as much a part of our family as any of the rest of us.  So I need to get her crib together, make sure she has blankets and art on her walls and organized space... Not that she'd know if I didn't, but it seems like the nesting instinct is there for a reason.  

31-ish days and counting.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on school being finished.
I have faith in you that you will get the room prepared & you too. As
you know the 31 days will go fast.
I was told this & it is not easy,
live for the moment. I am still working on it. God Bless.
Nana Carole