Saturday, April 24

Saturday morning Socos

There are birds chirping outside.  They are probably fighting around the bird feeder to see who is the top bird.  My guess is that the Jay will win again.
It's only 7:30 but I've already been awake for 45 minutes.  I really would much rather be sleeping in, but it seems like I can't sleep past 6:45 anymore.  That's about the time the birds get hungry, so maybe it's connected.
I'm headed to the Farmer's Market again today.  Last Saturday it was raining and my mother and I got soaked, but I came home with some really good stuff.  I think I'll buy eggs this week.  Maybe more of the bagged spinach, a tomato (probably hothouse, but so good!), some strawberries and asparagus.  I'm curious about their cuts of meat, but I don't know what I'd buy exactly.
Josh mowed most of the yard last night.  Jonah rode along, and amazingly didn't fall asleep.  I'm hoping he'll finish it today because the parts he hasn't mown are looking like a jungle from all the rain we got last week.  I'm assuming he's going to plant the garden today, though, so who knows if he will.
The garden.  I'm starting to think seeds are a bad idea.  We should have planted it a few weeks ago, but it's been so busy with finals coming up and grading and then there was the rain... Josh spent a lot of time getting the beds raised and putting down straw.  I'm really kind of excited about it.
I hear Jonah waking up.  7:40.  I miss when he used to sleep in until 9:00 every morning.  I slept in then, too.  I guess it makes sense that I'm waking up before him.  We'll see if he gets up and comes out of his room, or if he's just talking to himself in his sleep.
I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant.  Last time around I was so reflective, and spent so much time preparing (I also wasn't working at all) and this time I'm looking at my to-do list and wondering if I'll have enough time.  I'm almost wanting Sweet Caroline to decide to come late, just so I can get it all done.  I don't want her to be less prepared-for than Jonah was.  I don't want to spend less time with her, or sit her in her bouncy seat int he corner because I am okay with that now, but I know that's coming.
Having a little girl scares me to death.  So much more complicated.

Jonah is knocking.  He must not be able to get the door open!

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