Tuesday, August 25

The Girl on Pg. 194

I was looking at a friend's blog and she had posted a link to Glamour Magazine. I was kind of shocked because she isn't really a "Glamour" kind of girl. Then I looked at the link. I also managed to find an article about that photo on CNN.com The article mentioned that magazines didn't want normal looking women because they believed that the women who read the magazine wanted to look at a fantasy, not a normal woman.


Try to stay with me on this. I swear it's related.

I've been really listening to fairy tales lately trying to figure out how they related to my life, and the lives of the women I know. I had a post recently of an experiment that is probably the first of many experiments with fairy tales and regular modern women. It's a project I'm working on... we'll see how it works out.

The thing is, I'm doing this project because fairy tales seem somewhat unrelatable to me in many ways, but after reading "Spinning Straw into Gold" I want to be able to relate to them better. I feel like women need to be able to relate to them better, and I want to facilitate that. We need to understand the rich truths that our grandmothers wove into story. We don't just want to fall into fantasy, we want to to know that the fantasy is (as the CNN article says) achievable. With Fairy Tales, the fantasy isn't just achieveable, it is also an explanation of the places we must travel to find our way in this life.

So, hopefully coming soon... Cinderella.


Mindy said...

Oh, I am so interested in where you'll take us...

Ben ("nice") said...

I love reading folks' take on what stories and literature are able to -- perhaps even ought to -- do for us. I love it and I just want others to love it so much, too. I'm glad to continue to see your enthusiasm and depth of concern for story craft. It's one of those things that can make another person feel less alone, even if only in a little way.