Thursday, July 9

Sleeping Beauty

She lay stretched out, completely relaxed on the bed. Her golden hair spread out on the pillow around her face. She has slept for what seems forever. This is certainly not a normal night of sleep, or a normal nap. She slid into this sleep like a leaf drifting down From a tall tree to float on the surface of something deceptively deep and swift.
How long she should sleep is unknown. She waits for the clear, handsome face to peer down at her, to beckon her to wakefulness and the life she was certainly meant for. Years passed in which she was unknowingly shielded from the difficulty of the life that came as her birth right. Until that day when she crossed the protected boundaries of her childhood and stepped into the harsh reality of her adulthood.

And now she sleeps. Just for now. For, soon enough, a handsome face will peer down at her and reach over with his hand placed just under her jaw and say, "Tickle Tickle Tickle!" She she will wake to her prince- her little prince.


Mindy said...

:) This makes me smile, so much! Please tell me that Precious Jonah is your handsome, little prince!

Chara said...

Yes- it's sort of a teaser for a story I've started. There's a neat variation of Sleeping Beauty in which she is visited by a handsome prince, but later awakened after the birth of her twin children when one of them sucks a shard of flax (from the spindle) out of her finger. I like the idea of suddenly awaking to find that you are a mother.

Also, that's Jonah's favorite thing to do when you're sleeping... creep up and tickle you.

Anonymous said...
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