Saturday, August 30


It's Saturday and Josh is home. He's been working all week and it's nice to have him around. He is about to take Jonah to the Post Office and to Home Depot. It's going to be quiet for a while and i think I'll do the dishes and shine my sink.

To answer some questions:
Flylady can be found here:
Basically she offers an organization system that will help you get and keep your house in order. There's a lot more to it, but honestly I'm still working on that part. The first thing she has you do is shine your sink. It really does help. I've also put a link to her book on the sidebar.

Yes- some of it feels like Silly Woman Stuff. However, I never realized that it was Woman Stuff for a reason. Keeping Jonah and Josh and myself in clean clothes, clean dishes, and a good mood is so much easier when someone tells you how and reminds you of those steps. Tara (my twin sister who was born organized) has no problem with this stuff. In fact, it's kind of like having a little Tara on my shoulder throughout the day.

And here's the good stuff:


Anonymous said...

Baskets can be so much fun! We've
enjoyed the sound affects too. :)
Nana Carol

Laura said...

When John went back to work, the first thing I did was shine my sink.

Louise enjoyed watching Jonah in the basket!

Anonymous said...

I want more, more, more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the video. Miss you guys and gal.

Love you Mom

mindy mehaffey said...

Flylady really can be a lifesaver. I'm glad that you're getting back into it. I'm sure it is providing a bit of peace... Remember, jump in right where you are, you're not behind!

Remember when Jonah could lay down flat in that Moses basket?? He's so big and mobile, now! I pretty much love him.

I didn't recognize your voice. I think you're picking up a new accent. But I would know your laugh anywhere. Miss you bunches.