Monday, September 1

Dear Home,

I apologize- not for being lousy at keeping you neat this week, but for resenting you. Yes, I admit I have resented you. You must admit that your front door tends to get very dirty from tracking in dirt, and your windows are old and drafty. You kitchen is just bones, at best and should I even mention the bathrooms?

I am not saying these things to make you feel worse. Really I feel very guilty about my attitude toward you. I tried my best to find any excuse to get away from you last week, but I won't do that again. You know, if I spent just a little time with you we could get to that good place. The place of comfort and solace. I want that with you. I want to smile when I think about you and feel compelled to come back to you. You are such a good, quiet, private place. I know all it would take is a little effort on my part.

So here is my promise to you: No more running away at every opportunity. I will commit to spending time with you, even if it is just a little a day. In return I hope you can find it in your heart- and hearth- to cradle me and my family, and protect us.


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mindy mehaffey said...

Honestly, this vow to your home made me cry. I can relate to your words so very much. I hope that making this committment (and in writing) will allow you to move forward in your efforts to make your house a loving home, and move past your resentment (which I so totaly understand).