Wednesday, August 27

A Rare Post Indeed

I don't often talk about politics. Mostly I don't because I tend to get very opinionated, and I think I may not know enough to be THAT opinionated. Also, politics tends to make me angry. Like now.

I watched Hilary Clinton's speech last night and have heard lots about the DNC in the last day or so. I can only roll my eyes and keep my mouth shut for so long.

Why- WHY?- does it have to be an issue of democrats vs. republicans? Why are we enemies (as I have heard them repeatedly say) and why- WHY??- does Barak Obama equal good and McCain equal bad?

Don't misunderstand. I will be equally annoyed in a few short weeks when the RNC is all that is on the air at night. I'll be asking why Barak Obama is satan and John McCain the only logical choice. The truth is that I don't really align myself with either party. I agree with the republicans in some areas and with the democrats in others. I agree with libertarians in a lot as well.

Mostly I am just ridiculously disappointed that the DNC is far more interested in party unity than American unity. What does it take to make people understand that one party winning over another means nothing if we can't cooperate? What good has it ever done a party to have their man in office if they do it at the expense of the other party's man, and in turn incur the wrath of the other party? That seems like a great way to accomplish nothing at all. What does it mean to win, if by winning you anger almost half of the voting population?

I want to have a great deal of hope that the elected man will be able to do great things in the next few years, but I don't see how that will happen if each party continues to speak of the other party in the way that it has been.

When I was spending large amounts of time watching West Wing earlier this year it made me want to want a candidate. It made me want to feel like someone was looking at the issues form a human perspective- not just a perspective of entitlement, or the perspective of party politics. I want our country to be one that is full of humanity. Call me unpatriotic if you must, but I want to be able to be proud of our country.

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