Sunday, July 27

plotting the kitchen

So last night I found Ikea's freestanding kitchen units. Check the link out if you want to look at the pieces- very affordable and modern (this thrills Josh who aspires to be modern but is way too much of a clutterbug). I was concerned that the pieces would not be well-built or would be chintzy so I did some research and found City Mama's blog in which she chronicles the installation of a new kitchen. Not only is her blog well written and entertaining, but I can sympathize with her final installment on the kitchen (moving right after you get it the way you want it stinks).

Best of all, she installed the very same Ikea freestanding pieces that I wanted to use!!! This means we can finish the walls later (we're insulating this week) and just move the furniture back later. It should also make it easier to clean (ha! I hope no one believes that's my top priority! Like I have time!)

So tonight I used Ikea's room planner (nifty tool!) and worked out the kitchen's layout. It's actually goin got cost several hundred dollars less than I thought since our kitchen is quite a bit smaller than I thought.

So here is the view standing in the living room. The half wall behind the stove and workspace is invisible.
If anyone knows any reason we should not buy Ikea, please tell me about it because we are feeling inclined to go to Texas this weekend with the trailer and pick up the 4 pieces we would need to finish it off. After we check ebay, that is.

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CB said...

I say go on to Dallas. IKEA is the best!!!!