Monday, July 28

The Tale of a Dog, a Cat and a House

We were looking for Jonah's orange stacking ring and we found the camera under the couch. Yipee!

Hmmm.... maybe I should clean more?

So here are some promised pictures:
Angel, our new dog. She is not going to respond to Ranger... ever.

My Swap project... This is Lillian relaxing on the swing outside.

This is the carnage it took me to get to Lillian. Four pairs of gloves. Sheesh!

This is the outside of the house....

And Jonah's room (pre-carpet! Please come soon Mr. Carpet Guy!).
Notice the nicely dyed curtains?

And the kitchen (pre-walls and cabinets)

And the Living Room... uh, post-Hurricane Jonah.

Our Room... uh, maybe later.

As you can see we are still a work in progress. Many things are.


Kitchen Update:
After searching EBay and finding no cheap resale on the Ikea pieces we are thinking of making a trip to Frisco Texas for a minivacation to the Ikea store and maybe a baseball game. Hopefully we'll have a more functional kitchen by the time my family comes to visit.

This will also give us the opportunity to caulk, insulate and seal the house up so we can spread a little Boric Acid around while we're gone to kill any scorpions around. We've seen two in the house and Josh is pretty freaked out.

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mindy mehaffey said...

Umm, I would be freaked out about scorpians, too. Spray that Boric Acid.

I'm super happy about the pictures!Your living room looks so cozy. Like a little home. I can't wait to see an updated picture of the kitchen once the walls and cabinets are installed. Does Jonah really sleep on a big kid bed that high up? Whoa. Who's Lillian? A stuffed animal? I guess I'm a little confused. Why did it take four pairs of gloves to get to her? What's a Swap project? Man, I need some more explanation! It's nice to see a picture of Angel. She's beautiful. Does she get along with Jonah? Where did you get her? How old is she? Why would you want her to respond to Ranger? She's a girl! Maybe I need to keep on reading your blogs! :)