Saturday, July 12

...but she's not there!

Yes I am!! I'm just a little unavailable for a while.

A few things:
1. My phone number is changing for the first time in 5 years. If you want my new number please either give me a ring or drop me an e-mail or a comment and I'll call you with it. I won't have a cell phone anymore- just a house phone-and we don't actually have a phone for the house yet, so we won't cancel my cell until we get the chance to go to Wally World and get one.

2. Our house closed and we are in it. Anyone who wants to visit should see the instructions above pertaining to my phone number and follow them as well. We don't have drywall in the kitchen- or cabinets for that matter- but we are more than willing to have a few visitors.

3. We should also have internet service at the house by the end of next week (everyone cross your fingers) so I'll post pictures and videos aplenty when that happens.

4. I may have a performance and workshop coming up soon!

5. Starbucks plays some weird music.

6. Anyone with tips on how to get a small boy to sleep through the night without waking 4 to 5 times and without screaming his head off (sorry, I'm not a cry-it-out kind of girl) please see above instructions pertaining to the phone number and send tips. Please.

7. OH!!! I almost forgot!!!!!!!!! If you are really wanting to participate int he coolest ever craft swap, go to Laura's blog and beg her to allow you to participate, since the deadline was last friday. She hasn't sent out the swap partners just yet, so maybe she will take pity on you and let you join!!!

The end


Laura said...

hey chara, thanks for the plug! but the deadline isn't until Tuesday, so there's still a little time.

I have no tips for the sleeping, but I just want you to know - I feel you.

CB said...

Hey Chara,
Love the blog.
We live a few hours from OKC now and would love to catch up.

Kelly Edwards said...

Here is what we did to get Caroline to sleep...not saying this will work for everyone, and it does involve a little bit of crying it out...nothing cruel, though. This will be a bit lengthy, but here it goes. First of all, create a daily schedule. Choose the same wakeup and bedtime for every day plus or minus 30 minutes. Then, try to follow this, activity then to bed. We can't really do that at night because she has to eat right before bed because of medicine she's on, but we try to do that during the day. You learn to be a little flexible, though. Buy a sound machine. We got one by Homedics from for about $30. It's especially for babies. I usually put it on the ocean setting and leave it on the entire time she naps or sleeps at night. That way she associates sleep with the sound machine and will go to sleep fairly quickly. It's small and travels with us. It also has a projector on it that will project some whimsical scenes on the ceiling or wall. We might use that feature when she's a little older. Anyway, establish a bedtime routine so he knows pretty much what to expect before bed. Then, if he wakes in the night give him at least 15 minutes or so to "cry it out." I know that seems like an eternity hearing it on the monitor, but stand firm. Babies naturally wake 4-5 times a night and they have to learn to put themselves back to sleep otherwise you will be doing it for them for a long, long time! That whole business of going in there and comforting them while they're still in the crib didn't work for just made her more inflamed. Sometimes I would get her out of the crib, rock her and put her to sleep if she just wouldn't put herself back to sleep, but you have to give them the opportunity to do so first. Eventually they'll learn and hopefully turn into good little sleepers! Best of luck to you, and I can't wait to see pics of the new house!

Whitney said...

This article might help:

no tears sleep training

Good luck finding sleep again. You have my sympathy. =)