Thursday, July 17

Duhn Duhn Duhn!!

Okay, the only drama here has to do with getting the little monkey to sleep at night. By himself. All night. Without me. I swear he slept through the night at three months.

Anyway, before i even read the comments after my last post I went to Barnes and Noble and bought Elizabeth Pantley's book. So far... well, it been okay. Jonah isn't really into doing the same thing in a predictable pattern. If I bob he weaves. He's so like his father. He does much better one day, only to decide to wake up an hour or two early the next. Strange child!


Things are good here at Camp Watson. We installed a screen door today. I say "We"- HA!
Josh installed the door, I painted it (badly). We've been mowing regularly, but the hot and humid summer is prime for ticks and fleas. Fortunately we haven't gotten fleas. Our adopted stray dog is occasionally helping me clean out my fridge and will come within 25 feet of me now. I can't help but fed her. I'm afraid she'll starve to death otherwise.
Josh saw an owl in the trees last night and we stalked it until we made it fly off into a less lit area of our yard. There are all sorts of birds. Josh saw a hawk swoop down and catch another bird the other day, and I like to catch the many cardinals arguing with one another.

I was hanging out the laundry today and appreciating the solitude. My monkey was asleep and grasshoppers were skittering away as I walked through the yard. It was hot but I felt like I was getting things done. This is why the bible tells us to work hard, live quiet lives and mind our own business.

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mindy mehaffey said...

I love this post. :) You are hilarious.

I'm so glad that you get such great nature at Camp Watson. The birds sound great. I honestly chuckled outloud to the recall of the owl story. That is soooo something we would do, and I can completey envision you stalking it!

This post also cleared up some of my confusion. ANgel was an adopted stray dog. You guys are so nice. How'd you figure out her name? And you let her eat people food? Tsk, tsk.

I guess I can see the developement of Lillian (I'm pretty sure that's what you name her, but I may have forgotten) here. How did you decide on that particular project? It turned out very well. You're super crafty.

I'm sure the screen door is painted perfectly. I can't wait to see it.

I have to admit, I feel a small twinge of envy when you describe hanging out the clothes. We're so busy here in Nashville, that I am a bit jealous of your "simple, quiet" lives. Don't forget about us...