Monday, June 23

Yum Yum!

Recently, Josh and I were driving back from Colorado (or were we driving to Nashville???) and we stopped in an IHOP for dinner and the waitress brought us yogurt for Jonah to eat while we waited. We'd fed him half a bowl before I realized that maybe he wasn't supposed to have dairy products until he was a year old.
I called my sister, the nutritionist and nursing student- no answer.
I called my Mom and she sounded iffy.
Tara calls me back and all I heard was Renal Failure. What's a renal??

Well, the question has been answered, thanks to and their weekly e-mails.
According to the chart below, Jonah can have yogurt and cheese at the age of 8 months, which he is.
I'm shocked actually at the things Jonah can have. I thought he couldn't have meat until 1 year, but if I turn it into pate' he can eat it now. The same with eggs (minus the whites). Interesting. I'll have to post some pictures of Jonah eating his new foods soon. It's pretty funny to watch.

Age: 8 to 10 months
What to feed
• Breast milk or formula, PLUS
• Small amounts of soft pasteurized cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese (but no cows' milk until age 1)
• Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, wheat, oats, mixed cereals)
• Mashed fruits and vegetables (bananas, peaches, pears, avocados, cooked carrots, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes)
Finger foods (lightly toasted bagels, cut up; small pieces of ripe banana; well-cooked spiral pasta; teething crackers; low-sugar O-shaped cereal)
• Small amounts of protein (egg yolk, pureed meats and poultry; tofu; well-cooked and mashed beans with soft skins like lentils, split peas, pintos, black beans)
• Non-citrus juice (apple or pear)


Laura said...

I love this site:

Kelly Edwards said...


Great to hear from you. Jonah is absolutely adorable!!! He will definitely have to meet Caroline. She loves to flirt with the little boys...ha! I agree with Laura. I use that same website when making Caroline's baby food. I love it! I was on there until late last night determining what food we should try out next week. I think I have settled on peaches as all the peach crops have been coming in around here and everybody keeps giving us peaches! Good luck with your house!


Granny Sue said...

Hi Chara! I just found your blog. And had to laugh about the list of what babies can and can't eat these days. My four older sons, now in their 30's, got milk at 6 months. Meat, same time. Pureed in the blender of course, and I have to say they didn't like it. Aaron's favorite food when he was 6 months to a year was eggplant parmesan pureed. I guess the baby experts would cringe to know what I fed my kids. But they're all strong, healthy, and seldom sick. I suppose what doesn't kill you, cures you?