Sunday, June 22

Things you may find in my house by the end of the summer

We close on our house on Thursday and I've been remodeling and redecorating the house in my head for a few weeks now... These are a few things Josh and I have been talking about for the new house.

Okay- this is close. Instead think of really big cans you get at the grocery, painted and hung instead of the milk jugs. I like the idea for my kitchen. I saw this idea on Danny Seo's blog and I was thinking about variations.

Maybe a few of these... they cut the grass, and maybe we'll get some milk?

One of these cool shelves.

Me and my family:


Laura said...

ooh, Chara. have you seen these:

Laura said...

hey, chara - this design reminded me of you, and plus I thought the felt was a great idea for decorating children's rooms:

mindy mehaffey said...

Did you guys decide on the goats? I'm anxious! And did you do the lamp/lantern/can thing? I wanna see!