Friday, June 20

Fun in the Sun

We got to have ashort trip to Nashville this week. We had to be back fast because Josh had a thing for orientation on Saturday, but we had some fun while we were here. I got to meet me new niece, Ava.

And we got to go swimming.

Overall a lot of fun. We've been trying to kill time while we wait for our house to close. One week from yesterday!! Yay!!!

We'll have to get some video of Jonah displaying his new skills- crawing, clapping, waving, eating solid foods, and getting up on his hands and toes- also driving RV's.

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mindy mehaffey said...

Wait a minute. Crawling, clapping, waiving, eating solid foods, getting up on his hands and toes? ExCUSE me?? We definitely need to see those videos!

I'm so excited about your house. Please show us pictures. We miss you so much.