Saturday, April 19

And just like that...

As we were waiting for Josh to ge this hair cut today I was letting Jonah stand on my lap and take in the sights at the beauty salon, and chew on my fingers. But I noticed something new- it hurt. My sweet little baby has a little tooth pushing through.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me since he will be 6 months old on Sunday, and we've been giving him rice cereal regularly for almost a month now. Also he's been drooling like crazy for about as long.

But yesterday there wasn't a tooth and he wasn't cranky at all yesterday or last night. There was no warning at all.

In about three seconds all the peanut butter sandwiches and cookies and chicken fingers I'll soon be feeding him made my heart do a flip. A tooth.


It's not that I don't want him to get bigger and walk and talk and learn to drive...
Okay, I don't want him to learn to do those things. I like that he's dependent on me. I like that he gets excited when he wakes up from a nap and I am there or when I feed him cereal and he squeals for more. I like the quiet times when I am feeding him and he looks up at me and grins. Getting bigger means he won't do that anymore.

Of course it does mean being able to leave him with a babysitter more easily and not bouncing him all the way through church and maybe even making it through a movie. Maybe it's not all so bad?

Sorry- no picture. It's still too small.

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Elizabeth said...

Every phase your child is in will be your favorite. It's awesome the way that works