Friday, April 25

Adventures in Cooking

On today's menu:
Banana Nut Bread

Begin by noticing the five bananas on your kitchen counter that are now spotted like a dalmation and debate over whether you should throw them out or make something from them. Notice your baby entertaining himself by sucking on his toes and decide to make banana nut bread.
Note to self: Check to see if you can still get your toes anywhere near your head.
Then mash 4 or the 5 bananas in a mixing bowl. The recipe says to blend the bejesus out of them in a mixer with 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar but you don't want to clean all that up sp you use a fork to squish the bananas and then mix in the sugar. It's lumpy but that does not worry you.
Then you read the directions and begin to wonder if you have all the ingredients for this recipe.
Note to Self: read all recipes through before making a mess!
You also notice that the 2 eggs should be room temperature but they are still in the fridge. You get them out and put them in your pockets to warm them. Then you melt the stick of butter and let it sit on the cabinet to cool. Too bad you can't just drop the eggs into the warm butter... but that's probably a bad idea.
Note to self: do not lean up against the cabinets.
Then you add a dollop (it says 1 tsp, but who wants to hunt down a measuring spoon?) of vanilla flavoring and some salt (that's probably a 1/2 of a tsp). Then you come to the nuts. The recipe says to use walnuts but all you have is pecans and they're whole, not crushed. You bang the bag on the counter to crush them, which works great until you bust a hole int he bag and about 1/3 of them fall on the floor. You sweep this up and decide to crush them with your fingers instead.
Note to Self: use a sealable bag when punding nuts.
The last ingerdient is baking soda but you can't find any except for the kind that comes in the special refridgerator packaging. You open the top and take out a little (that looks like it's about 1 and 1/2 of a tsp) to add to the mix.
Note to Self: Tape box top back later so it can be put into the fridge.
Then you take the eggs out of your pockets and crack them into the bowl and pour the warm butter in. You mix well. Fortunately, you remembered to preheat the oven to 350 degrees and so you grease your loaf pan, pour in the mix and pop it in. An hour and 9 minutes later you take out the best Banana Bread you've ever made!
Okay- it's the ONLY banana bread you've ever made, but it's pretty stinking good!


t sanders said...

did the recipe really tell you to mix the bejesus out of the bananas?

Chara said...

Yes- the recipe did actually say to mix the bejesus out of the sugar and banana mixture. I'm not sure if that's a technical term or not, but it was in there.

Millie said...

you are so funny. i made cookies, which i dropped on the floor, but don't tell anyone because i have to take them someplace.

David said...

It must have been a great week for spoiled bananas as I also took the leap into baking last week. I must say your recipe sounds better than mine; vanilla!?

Elizabeth said...

You cook the way I cook.
The result is always a "Surprise!"

Whitney said...

It's really good with chocolate chips case you accidentally drop some in the batter next time.