Thursday, March 13

because he's just too cute

The following are pictures of Jonah's adventures over the past few weeks...

Jonah trying a lemon.

Jonah sending an email

Jonah playing with his feet.

Jonah trying pear juice- he's a big fan now.

Jonah and Daddy

Jonah rolling on the floor


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a peek into how Jonah
is growing and spends his days.
Miss all of you dearly.
Nana Carol

Shirley said...

He's so adorable that I just couldn't resist adding these photos to my Facebook photo album. So glad we got to see him in person.

Love you,
Aunt shirley

Luke Hartman said...

I do not recommend letting your child send emails. You never know what they saw or who they will contact with their freaky babyspeak.

Good to see the pics; especially since we haven't seen y'all lately