Tuesday, October 16

(Insert Jeopardy Theme Song Here)

So, it's post 251, and it's October 16th and no Jonah. I have an appointment in a couple of hours to have an Ultrasound to check out what's going on since the mid-wife seems to think he's on the smaller side. It will be nice to get a peek at him. I wish I could get a better look.

Yesterday was Haydn's birthday so Christa and Dewayne and My parents and I went to lunch with her at Chuckie Cheese. Haydn's not much for loud or crowded places- and not much for playing games after you put tokens in them. Really she liked sitting in the cars the best. But don't put the tokens in because she doesn't like them to move. She actually shocked Christa, my Mom and me by going up into the play tubes and crawling around for about 15 minutes all by herself. She liked to have one eye on us down on the ground.

We lost sight of her at one point and started to get a little worried, but suddenly she appeared at the bottom of the slide. All by herself. She's getting really big.

I also had the pleasure of seeing my in-laws this weekend. They've been in KY getting a few things straightened out on their remaining property. They came and stayed Saturday night and went home Sunday afternoon. It was short but really nice. I love talking to my Mother-in-law, and I got to do plenty of that while they were here. Hopefully sometime soon we'll get to spend more time with them.

Well, I'll be updating this a bit later after I know more from the midwife.


This day started out with a lot of promise and is ending on a rather sour note.
Jonah is in fact about 7 lbs (give or take a pound according to the Ultrasound tech) which I think is a perfectly reasonable size considering his family. I'm thrilled.

We met another midwife who brought up the possibility of inducing labor if i don't go into labor naturally within the next week and a half. I told her that I was pretty strenuously opposed to using drugs and she gave me the big ugly on going too far over my due date. But- n0 big deal- I stood my ground and did what I think she should have done in the first place and asked about alternative methods of induction. I've come home with some raspberry red leaf tea and the name of a book that I apparently can't find in Nashville. Grrr! Also, other suggestions that I pretty much already knew about.

I also got a call from my principal. Apparently my sub freaked and this will be her last week. My kids were angels, but she couldn't handle it and now they aren't being taught the strange remedial reading program that I didn't like anyway. It does make me a bit nervous about the whole arrangement, though. It really complicates a few things for the future.

So I'm sitting here eating figs. Tomorrow I'll post on figs. Mmmm!


whitney said...

Aww! You must be getting frustrated! I don't know from experience about the birth thing, but I do think that when it comes to life-in-general, the "any minute now!" wait is the second worst type in the whole world. (First worst=not having any idea when the end will be. Not applicable in your case. =P)

"Soon" offers too much hope without actually promising anything. Bleargh. Hope you get to see your boy ...soon.

Brandee said...

I swear by Amazon.com. Bet you can find that book there!

Audrey said...

I'm ready for the boy to come. Just in case you wondered.


Love you, miss you.


Jenn H said...

Aha! It's now Thursday and no post on figs for two days....could it be because we have a new little one to celebrate? :) Here's hoping! Love you guys ~ Jenn H