Friday, October 19

WIth bated breath... I'm now a little blue in the face.

So a while back I posted about my milk's expiration date and how I might have a child before it expired...

Gush, Gush... blah blah blah!

We're now a gallon and a half past that particular jug.

I've been drinking the tea and bouncing on the ball and walking and doing everything they tell you to try to do to kickstart your labor (except the castor oil- that's been one very reliable thing that I won't be trying unless I get truly desperate since it has a tendency to dehydrate you and cause lots of vomiting and diarrhea) with really no response from Jonah.

We have an appointment this afternoon with the midwife for a non-stress test. Ha! Non-stress? Yeah, because taking off of work two weeks early, having my sub quit and still having no signs that Jonah will be here before Thanksgiving is sure to be a relaxing venture.

Oh, wait, they mean non-stress for Jonah... Well, if I were swimming in a warm comfortable place with all of my personal needs provided for, I'd probably be much less stressed. :)

On the up-side:
Next Thursday is a full moon- perhaps that might yeild a result? I'm thinking of sleeping outdoors if I need to.



BYRSTN said...

Bummer...I though the quietness of the blog meant Jonah had made his appearance.

Anxiously awaiting news in Jonesborough.

Shirley said...

Full moon worked for me.

Sara said...

Sleeping outside? LOL. That is too funny. There is a point though where you are willing to do anything to get that baby out! I walked several miles thru the zoo 4 days before macy was born. She still said no. I would tell you what worked to get Caden here but it may not be blogger appropriate. ;) Good luck. He'll be here before you know it!