Wednesday, October 10

Busy Waiting

To any male family members about to read this- I figured I probably ought to have a disclaimer. Words such as "Hoo-Hoo" will be used during this post. Read at your own risk.

Well, for those of you who find this interesting or significant, this would be post 248 for me. I'm thinking Jonah must think this is significant. Perhaps he is waiting to be post 250 and he knows just how infrequently I have been posting lately.

But I have been keeping busy. I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. My due date is her wedding day, so obviously she won't be around when I give birth, but I've been meeting all the other midwives who could possibly be there and so far they've all been super-nice and very informative. (Who knew that I had an anterior placenta? That just means it's attached to the front of my uterus.)
I also found out that Jonah is apparently somewhat small for his gestational age- though not anything to freak out about. So, if I'm still pregnant for my next appointment next Tuesday, they want me to have an ultrasound just to be sure everything is normal. Hopefully that will be unnecessary. By then i am hoping that they can just take a look at him and see what I already know- his whole family is full of teeny girls and shorty men (sorry Josh) and he's likely just right. Besides, as the midwife I met yesterday (Emma) said, "If you plan to have them come out your hoo-hoo, it's not bad for them to be a bit smaller."

So what else have I been doing? Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Yesterday my mother (Have you met her? She's the one with the inconspicuous little halo floating over her head.) came over and brought her carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpet in my bedroom and living room, hung some blinds in the dining room, rearranged the furniture in my living room and assembled an infant swing. When I say we I mostly mean 'she' did those things. I'm not really supposed to move furniture.

We (I mean it this time) also cleaned up the nursery and made a short list of the things I still need and I made pumpkin bread. I was pretty pooped by 5 o'clock when I finally let her leave. Yesterday was also my Dad's birthday so I'm pretty sure she was headed home to take him to dinner. He had to teach classes last night so at least she got to go to bed early.

What will I do today? I don't really know. I will probably clean the kitchen and work on the guest bedroom that still needs some work. Jack and Carole will be coming into town to stay a few days starting tomorrow, so that's sort of a priority.

I also need to find a new plug to go in my excercize ball. When we moved I deflated the ball and lost the plug... and the spare plug. Where do you buy a new plug? I don't know because I've had a pretty rough time finding one so far.

Who knows what else I'll do today, but I don't think it will involve giving birth just yet.


Laura and John said...

I find it endlessly funny that you "lost the plug" of your exercise ball.

I was also happy to hear that Louise had a small (though normal) size head.

Craig said...

I guess I should give up my dream that Jonah will be born on my birthday and named after me, his soon to be favorite grand-uncle. *sigh* Jonah Craig Watson has such a nice ring to it.

Your mother is quite a special lady, she's one of my favorite sisters you know :), and I'm sure that one day soon (before you know it) young master Jonah will be saying similar things about his mother.

Sara said...

I must be a few posts behind. I just figured out that you are naming your son Jonah. I like that name alot. What is the middle name?

Chara said...

Update on the excercize ball: I've got a new one- but I couldn't get it to inflate so I inflated the old one and stuck the plug in it- but the plug is a little large, so it pokes out some. I'm a bit nervous that it will come shooting out at an inopportune moment. Much like other things.

Uncle Craig- Sadly, my father was hoping to have Jonah on his birthday... but that didn't work out either. Too bad he wasn't born on Monday- we could have called him Jonah Columbus!

Instead he will be Jonah Andrew...

Millie said...

Hi Chara,
You are so funny :) I hope Jonah is born soon. Millie