Monday, October 8

Maternity Leave

I like being pregnant- it's neat to feel another life moving around inside you, and being able to ask him politely to stop stepping on your bladder. I also like waking up in the middle of the night to find that he's awake, even though I have been sleeping for hours. I wonder what he's doing and thinking in there. I even like being able to tell that I'm getting heartburn because he's stretching upward and squishing my diaphragm. There's just not as much room as there used to be in there.

What I don't like is the constant question... You're still here? (Where would I go?) You haven't gone into labor yet? (Obviously not) So, when are they going to induce you? (They won't.)

I'm not due until Friday, but I'm already getting a lot of these questions. Partly it is from people who know a friend of mine who was due two days before me and gave birth two and a half weeks early. Pam and Ben will probably be at church next week.

I wouldn't mind going into labor. Waiting isn't the easiest thing to do. However, I still have things I need to take care of here- like putting together the crib- and also, the idea of giving birth is still a little scary to me. I've been rereading all the childbirth books and listening to my guided imagery CD. I even made myself a guided imagery CD for childbirth. Mostly it's just stuff to do, though.

So I thought I might share where we are in some respects:

  • I've been cleaning the house a lot... not that it really feels all that much cleaner yet. Josh has gone through a ton of boxes and our den actually looks like a room one might spend some sort of time in doing things other than pulling out one's hair.
    And- NO- me cleaning a lot does not mean I'm about to go into labor... being 39 1/2 weeks pregnant does.
  • We had a nice fire in the fireplace last night and I nearly passed out.
  • I cleaned out my closet of clothing I will not be wearing anymore. It's still full of the maternity stuff, but at least it's not in a pile on the floor anymore.
  • I am making pumpkin bread tonight to take to the hospital to sweeten up the nurses a bit- and for me to eat. I love pumpkin bread.
  • I intended to order photos from Starla today (probably an e-mail and a check in the mail) but that didn't happen because of the other thing I intended to do: order more checks. I went to two branches before I realized that it's Columbus Day and all banks are closed. I guess I'll leave that for tomorrow.
  • Also on the agenda for tomorrow- a nap. I got one today, but I think I'll make it a habit as long as I can. :)

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Jenn H said...

Yeah, I didn't care for some of the cliched comments either, they get old when you feel like you've swallowed the Epcot Center. They weren't so bad with Aiden (he was 2 and a half weeks early, though), but the comments were dreadful with Keira. They started when I was only 8 months along with her, and she went full term. Hang in there. I always dreamed of responding to those trying to be cute by saying "You look like you're about to pop!" with "I am." and pop them on the arm. Never did, but it made me smile genuinely when I said something benign like, "not quite yet".