Thursday, October 11

Almost ready

As I told Josh last night, I have a horrible tendency to forget that I've put things in the oven and then they burn, or I get over-anxious and take them out much too early, so I'm not one who should be in charge of deciding when something is done baking and when it is not done baking. Jonah (Andrew- sorry Sara! I just realized I forgot to respond!) is in charge of when his little buns will come out of the oven.

So in the mean time I've been busy. And just to prove it, I've decided to post some pictures! Yes, actual photos of something!

First, our new furniture before it's new arrangement:
Uh... kinda messy.

After my Mom comes over, we clean the carpet and rearrange the furniture...
Much better!

Also we put the swing together... mostly. There was some confusion over the mobile that goes over the top, but Josh somehow fixed it later that evening.

And of course the nursery, all clean. Sorry, no before shots... just imagine bags and baby laundry and packaging everywhere.

Last but not least- though perhaps least impressive, is the redo of the den. We've lived here since May and it's been full of boxes and absolutely unusable since. I can't take credit- it was all Josh. I woke up one morning and was pretty certain someone had broken in and stolen our boxes, or cleaned our house. Believe it or not- this is great! WE even lit a fire in our second fireplace!

The stuff in rolls on the right side is the carpet we haven't installed int he back two bedrooms yet. We'll get there, but probably not for a little while. We've got a few other things to do before we can be worried about spotty carpet.


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