Saturday, September 1


It's been a good long while since I last posted and so- surprise- stuff has happened.

School has been... interesting. I must say that I was very spoiled at East Literature last year. I would get upset when two or three or my students wouldn't turn in homework... at McMurray I'm glad when I get half of it. There's a lot I'm learning and it's a lot more work than I initially expected, but it hasn't been a bad experience.

We finally finished painting the nursery and started setting it up a bit. We had a shower with Josh's office a few weeks back and so I realized that it was time to start organizing some of the stuff that was in there. Then last weekend my Mom and Tara stopped by to bring a dresser. They found it on the side of the road and my Mother cleaned it up. It actually looks very nice and we're going to put new knobs on it... knobs with stars behind them!

They also brought a rug. I had a little rug shaped like a baseball but the room was still very brown and boring. It isn't exactly the $200 tiny think I found at Bombay Kids, but at least I won't feel bad about stepping on it. ;)

Also, remember this? Well now it looks like this:
We're going to paint the coffee table to match the black. I like it. It's simple and it covers all the weird holes the previous owner left in that particular wall. Very practical.

Also, we bought a new bedspread so we decided to paint out bedroom. We're not done yet, but so far it seems like a much easier job than the nursery. We may actually use the same amount of paint, even though the room is much bigger.
It's a bit darker than the other paint choices I looked at but I really like it. Plus it will make it even darker in my room at night- maybe it will make it easier to sleep? Or maybe just easier to bump into things as I roll out of bed and wobble to the bathroom int he middle of the night.

I'm now 34 weeks along and starting to think that I might actually give birth! The bigger I get the more I welcome it.

Last night Josh and I had to crawl into our full sized bed in the guest room (I was afraid we'd get sick if we slept in a room with paint that wasn't dry yet) so we were at close quarters. Josh talked to Lump and was poking him every now and then and he got very excited. Apparently he likes his Daddy. It was so funny how still he got if Josh stopped talking and how wiggly he'd get when Josh would start up again. It's much neater than the little spasmy wiggles that he used to do a month or two ago. Now I can press down a little and actually feel his head (or maybe that's a behind??) pushing up against my side, or watch an elbow (How can you tell?) run across the front of my belly. It's happened a few times in class and I have a hard time not laughing out loud. One of my kids noticed me rubbing my side one day and she asked me if I was okay and I told her that he was just wiggly. Her eyes got really big and she asked me- Is that normal??

In other news: I won a breast pump at a seminar on Tuesday! I'm still trying to figure out if I should keep it or sell it on Craigslist and buy another one that would be better. There's a lady at church who sells Hospital-grade pumps and I am going to talk to her. Apparently it's pretty expensive if you buy it, so I think I could pay for a really good one if I needed to.

Laura and John and Louise are in town this weekend and we're going to spend the afternoon with them. I'm excited to see how big Louisey is getting! I know Laura doesn't post enough pictures of her (HA!) so I'll try to take some and post again tonight or tomorrow.


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t sanders said...

You did not win a breast pump - Josh did.