Wednesday, August 15

What have I gotten myself into??

I'm a teacher now. It happened Monday. All the kids showed up and I suddenly realized that I was supposed to- and am- a teacher. Whether I like it or not.

So far it's not so bad. It's true, teachers complain a lot. Today the 7th grade team sat around during our planning period sorting through forms and we talked about some
issues." Mr. Melagrana is already composing his letter to Oprah (or Dr. Phil) about our icky facilities. We made suggestions for things he might photograph or bottle to send to her to prove that this school needs a nice infusion of a couple million dollars. Tomorrow they might be turning the air conditioning off in the rooms that actually have air conditioning that work, so they can fix it in the rooms that don't.

Have I mentioned that I am 7 1/2 months pregnant? Or that Nashville is having one serious heat wave with temperatures over 100 degrees?? Or that my feet have started swelling up like sausages when I get really hot???

I'm taking a cooler to school tomorrow. I might put my sausage toes in it.

But then there is the good stuff. Like the students who don't have my class who want to know everything about me and always say hello to me in the hallway. I think they are hoping I'll name my baby after them. Too bad they're all girls. We could use the name help. (that's a WHOLE other post.)

Or the kid in class today who was trying to fill out a form so he can get his physical tomorrow. He calls me over and asks me what a menstrual cycle is. I told him he didn't need to worry about it- it was a girl thing. He just looked at me and goes, "Oh, like periods are girl things?"
hee hee.

I know it's hard- I still haven't found all of the parts of my curriculum, my kids hate the weird curriculum anyway, and I haven't written anything in my gradebook yet because I know my entire home room class could change anyway. I'm tired and I haven't been getting home until 5:30.

But I like it. I would like it better is Oprah would send us a couple thousand dollars for a copy machine that works, or if we had another reading teacher (since they decided to save money and not hire one since the one they hired quit)... but I like it.


Beth said...

I know you will do great!

Anonymous said...

I just met this person in my graduate program, and he has the absolutely best boy name ever: Oakley. I don't know why I'm leaving it in a comment, but I think that the world need a few more names out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure on that.