Monday, September 24

37 1/2 weeks... 2 1/2 to go

The last few weeks have been crazy busy- and this one looks like it will be the same. We have a 7:45 faculty meeting on Wednesday, an open house on Thursday and at some point Josh and I will be going to the gospel meeting at Concord Rd. Also, I've got to get my lesson plans finished for my maternity leave- and find a sub since I'm not really getting a response from the ones I've tried to contact. Grr!
That's just work... there's also the issue of the crib we don't own yet.

People ask me how I feel and I don't know what to say. I feel like a whale... I feel tired... I feel amazed at all the sensations I'm getting from him since he's getting so big.

This isn't a place that I thought I would ever reach. I can look back through all my blog posts over the last few years and see all the times I've complained about all the change in my life- all the uncertainty and the lack of stability- and I have to laugh. There are times where a lack of stability and major changes are really quite welcome, no matter how unplanned they are.


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