Saturday, August 11

As seen on Craigslist

Free Couch

10 year-old (at least) couch, was inexpensive when bought (at the $399 sofa store) has survived birds, dogs, stains and is now outside under a tarp. I have no idea why you would want this, but should you be interested in a crap couch and want to pick it up yourself (no deliveries), drop me a line. I guess it could be fixed with some upholstering, or perhaps could be pimped out and wheels added to make it into a couch-car or something.

Quick note, after the last time posting free stuff: I will not meet you, I do not want to donate to your charity, I am not paying you to haul off something, if you expect this to be some sort of gold mine couch you are sadly mistaken.

This just made me laugh really hard. I want to know if anyone actually came and got the couch.

Bag full o' Beauty

Bag of misc hair/beauty products. Most are atleast 3/4 full or used once. 10+ different things. Please don't ask for a list of exactly what I have, I don't have time for that.

Please respond with a pick up time. If not picked up TODAY these will go to the garbage men in the morning.

I know that they are garbage men, but I still don't think they want used shampoo and beauty products either.

i want gargoyles or evil looking things

im looking for gargoyles or evil looking statues i got a used woodstove or skylights or windows or belly dancer castanets to trade let me know or anything that has to do with witchcraft.

Um... What?

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Ben said...

on the couch note, there's a David Foster Wallace story about how much more difficult it is to give a couch away for free rather than sell it for ten dollars. Something about people's expectations and ideas about money and worth and so on. You don't have to read the story, this summary tells it all. I was just reminded, that's it. Cheers! (How about Fernando Valenzuela Enrique Josephinitas Watson for a name?)