Wednesday, June 6

wiggle room

I have started to notice that lump likes to wiggle a lot in the morning. It's really the best time to see how big he's getting because right now I can tell he's probably moving a lot, but he still got alot of space to move around in. He's about a pound or so and around 10 inches head to toe and he likes to poke me just below the belly button before I get out of bed in the morning. I've actually had a hard time getting up the last two mornings because I was just a little fascinated.

Also, good news! I've got a teaching job for the fall! It's a school very close to the house and it should make a lot of things easier- gas mileage, seeing lump... those kinds of things. I'll be teaching 7th and 8th grade language arts, and some remedial reading. I'm actually very excited since this is my first full-time position. Now I just have to get all sorts of stuff for my classroom.


Shirley said...

Congratulations on the new job!

Grandma was thrilled to see the photos of Baby Watson. Uncle Joe was just plain AMAZED! lol Of course, they loved the photos of Louise, too!

Grandma was surprised that the photos turned out so well, "considering they came from a computer"! lol She got very nice 8 x 10 glossies and was pleased as punch!

Sara said...

I do not miss being pregnant in the slightest but feeling the babies move was the most amazing thing! In my last trimester with Caden he decided that right in between my two bottom ribs on the right side was the perfect foot rest. He had all ten toes (proven by several ultrasounds)lined up right in my ribs. And any time music was playing he would kick me to the beat of the song! Even now he has incredible rhythm. It was the greatest feeling ever. As uncomfortable as it was I kinda miss those little toes in my side!