Wednesday, June 13

Nursery Quandry

Since I discovered that I'm actually carrying a boy I have been a bit uncertain about what to do with the nursery. I guess I'm a little hard to please because I don't have any desire to have a cutesy pastel nursery. I'd much rather have a room that is easy for this child to grow into than a room that is adorable.
I had a wonderful girl idea- paint the walls a nice grass green and have some small pink accents- classy and no pastels and no princesses. But a boy??? Urgh. I don't have a clue! I talked to my Mom a bit last night about it and she gave me a few ideas. I'm considering something like this or this from Pottery Barn Kids. I also like this Handkerchief Quilt and the idea of pairing it with big red and blue stars around the room.
I wanted to find darker colors and more sophisticated themes. I also want to hang a baseball bat on the wall and hang Josh's old baseball Jersey on it... but we'll have to see.

Another quick note, last night Josh finally got to feel the baby move. The sneaky little lump seems to only be interested in moving when Josh is in the shower, asleep or at work. I've tried everything- a flashlight to the belly, poking gently, event hopping up and down and none of it worked. So last night I tried drinking really cold water. Josh says I'm torturing him, but he didn't seem to mind much last night.

Also, I'll be posting pictures of the house this afternoon. Stay tuned.


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