Monday, June 25


Finally we got some rain around here! Actually I was pretty concerned that I needed to build an Ark, but as it turns out, it stopped.

Today was a quiet day. I did a lot of laundry and ironed a lot of things for Josh to wear and read a book about Christian child-rearing that my Aunt gave me. My Aunts are visiting. I think they've been running around (Up to no good, I'm sure!) and checking out Nashville. I'll probably crash their party tomorrow. Sometime this week I'm supposed to go to the pool with Christa and Haydn, and I was asked to go to a playdate on Thursday- odd because I can't actually bring any children, yet.

I'm working on a new craft project- a simple one. I've purchased a giant cardboard "W" that looks like an old typewriter font. I'm going to paint it or something, but I'm not sure what yet. I'll get back to you



ian wheat said...

you stole our rain! thief!

Anonymous said...

Ben helped me find your page. We've
been enjoying your photos and all
the comments. Jack has found it
pretty amusing about "lump"!!!
We had rain last night and it is
cloudy this PM. Enjoy the good
ole Summer time. We miss you. :)