Monday, June 18

lazy days of summer

I honestly thought that I would have a lot of free time on my hands this summer when Josh and I finally decided that it was okay for me not to have a full time job. I figured I'd spend hours in the library or in the yard or at my mom's ofice keeping her from getting any work done.

So far it's actually been quite busy. I've been going over to my mom's house a few days a week to take care of a few things for her and I've been getting accustomed to my own house. We've been here for a month now (it doesn't feel like a month, but this really does feel like home) and the list of improvements and changes I want to make has been growing steadily. Everything from new light switch plates to a new shower in the half bath to laying carpet in the back two bedrooms (anyone know how to lay carpet??).

My nursery quandry has been settled- at least I think so. I saw this rug (the one on the floor of the picture below) at Bombay kids in the mall last friday and I was too chicken to check the price, but I think the color scheme will work.
It's kind of a lot of coors but it's not bad. i won't be getting the super-expensive things that Bombay kids was selling to go with the rug- probably we'll just register for solid navy blues and reds for the crib at BabiesRUs. I've started painting the walls though. I'm going to paint the little bookshelf a navy blue as well as a dresser that Josh and I have been using. Now we just need a crib.

We also managed to get the guest bedroom looking like something someone might actually sleep in. (Sorry Audrey!!) Unfortunately, we thought that the antique bedframe would hold a queen-sized mattress- which it does not! So we moved our bed into the spare room and the queen-sized mattresses are now resting on the floor. It's actually much easier to get into bed, since our bed was so high off the ground.

Otherwise, we've been spending lots of time outdoors- as my many mosquito bites can attest to. Josh has been planting a garden and I've been mostly watching and grilling. That's what he's doing now. I just finished cooking dinner for tomorrow night.
It's not nearly as large as last year's but we are putting it in rather late. We have two small tomato plants in right now. We also have an Oregano plant that we can't seem to kill and a rosemary plant that has recently decided to bloom. Josh has been composting, which is good since I the only thing I seem to be craving is produce of various kinds. He has two trashcans and he moves the compost back and forth between them.

And what am I doing all this time?
and grilling


As a strange aside, it occured to Josh and me earlier that we haven't watched any television, besides the Lost season finale, in a full month now. I don't think we did it on purpose- we just never really plugged our TV in. Josh has been threatening to get rid of it for quite a long time, but I didn't htink we actually would. Now I'm not so sure. We haven't had cable the entire time we've been married, so it's not such a stretch to just sort of stop watching it alltogether.


Another strange note... Josh and I were just out in the yard and he pointed out a squirrel to me. The thing was rolling around on the ground like a dog trying to scratch it's back. Then it just stopped. Apparently it was having convulsions. It was dead. Weird. Where do you take a dead squirrel??


whitney said...

Hang it on the wall and laugh.

Sara said...

Aw! Cute baby bump!!! I love the rug!

Audrey said...

Hey, now I can hit you up on my way back through.