Wednesday, June 27

Considering my options

I'm sitting here looking at my Giant "W" Here's a picture, so you can look at it too.
I could do several things with it depending on where I decide to put it. Since we no longer have a headboard over our bed, I thought it might be good to put it over our bed. I could also hang it in the living room.

Some things I've considered:

Painting it a very dark shiny black- it would look like someone had used a giant typewriter on our wall.

Painting it a pale green to match the wall in the living room and to go along with my tree-theme.

Gluing a million silk leaves on it like a wreath- also to go with our tree, themed living room.

Painting it some other color and then doing a distant spray of gold spraypaint to give it some sheen- this would work well in the bedroom, since i don't know what colors I'm using in there anyway.

Please feel free to make other suggestions or to offer a vote for your favorite idea.

Also, just to show how insane I am- this is what Josh and I built last night, even though it was about 90 degrees outside.

Just cause we could!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Good for you two.
Pat's vote is hang it in the dining room in a predominate place.
I'm glad you are enjoying your home.
Love you!