Wednesday, May 2


So I've got the day off- I'm going to the OBGYN in a few hours and I thought I could use a day away from the little monsters. I slept in a bit (8 o'clock! Well, okay 7:30?) and then i made some decaf and watched some morning news shows. Nothing interesting, until this news piece comes on about grupsters.

About what?

Grupsters: The Child specialist who was featured on the morning show explained the term this way..." “Grupsters” is derived from hipster, yuppies and “grups” - (those so-called adults on a planet ruled by children in a “star Trek” episode)." and "These 30-something “adults” do have jobs and mortgages and families. They are also very trendy, love to write blogs, hate Barney, indie-culture affilaitions, and look quite “cool.”" See her full page here

Apparently without knowing it I have already set myself up on a road to become one of these oddly named individuals. I read blogs like Mom-101 and ((Sm))all ages (which has gone strangely silent for a while now) and Heidi Kenney's My Paper Crane (if ever there was a grupster, it would be this chick!). All of these fine ladies would qualify as parents who are attempting to keep thier own identity and interests while raising children.

However, Ms. Borba seems to think that there is a bit too much narcisism in the idea that "This child is entering our lives, not the other way around." I can see her point. You can't force a lifestyle on your child- particularly when their personality isn't geared toward an extroverted, punk style celebrating Blondie and wearing all black.

However, I also see the point the parents are making- Do I have to suddenly drink Barney's kool-aid to be a good parent?? I really hope not. My parents didn't change their beliefs or their "style" to have kids- they are still strong Christians who have their own interests that didn't necesarily include Poochie or Cabage Patch Kids. Why is it different because these parents tend to be trendy? I have no intention of buying my children Barbie dolls (I am no worse for wear for mine really, but I will never forget Laura's complaint that her Skipper didn't have any boobs! I don't want that to be a concern for my daughter.) and I will probably not play preschool music around the house very often. I'd like my kids to have interests in the music I like. We've already managed to corrupt our niece with the love of the banjo (okay, that was more Kermit the Frog than Josh, but he's not disappointed!) so why not our own kids? My Mom got me hooked on Anne Murray and the Carpenters- why can't I get my kids to listen to Jack Johnson and Brandi Carlisle? Isn't it all just our right as parents to corrupt our kids with our own tastes for a while? My Mom also tried to get me to like Jim Neighbors and I had the presence of mind to reject him. My kids should feel free to reject Sylvie Lewis if they choose, but I shouldn't be accused of being narcissistic just because I want to retain my own sense of style and taste?

So what does this mean for me and Josh? We'll hopefully be taking our small child camping in a tent, looking for waterfalls and listening to bluegrass music. Certainly we will take the lump to see Robinella if she ever comes back to Nashville. Beyond that- I don't know what it is that defines us, exactly, but we'll be passing it on.

There's my rant- do with it as you would like.

On another note- probably we'll find out the sex in another month. Josh is holding onto the idea that we're having a boy, even though he referred to the baby as "our daugh-" the other day. Feel free to give him grief.

16 days until we close on our house and 22 days until school ends.


Shirley said...

It's a girl, it's a girl, it's a girl!

Love Ya, Josh!

Mom101 said...

Nice post! I'm scared to think that I might be a grupster. While we do have the They Might Be Giants ABCs on right now, it lives on my iTunes alongside showtunes and scary one-hit wonders from the 80s.

Kudos to you for surviving Jim Neighbors and living to tell the tale. That says a lot.

stefanie said...

i like referring to baby as "the lump". that makes me kind of happy - but then so does "daugh-" hehehe.