Sunday, May 20

busy weekend

I am currently sitting amid piles of boxes and assorted "things" which we have yet to find a home for in our new home.

We closed on the house on Thursday and Dewayne (saintly brother-in-law!) came over and helped us load up all the really heavy stuff into the moving van. Friday morning I went to work and when I got off at three Josh had moved the majority of our stuff out of Bellvue and into the new house. I was pretty shocked. It's not that I'm really all that helpful right now (I'm averaging three boxes before I have to rest and I have to pee about every hour), but I had thought that Josh would want me to pack up a lot of the stuff in closets- but he didn't. My insane husband moved just about everything with the help of our friend Roger, my family and a moving van that we only had for 24 hours.

Saturday we went over to Bellvue, got the last of the few things left in the house and cleaned up as well as we could with no electricity or water. I think we managed quite well. Today we are resting. The kitchen is basically unpacked and our clothes are hanging in the closet (though I still can't find some shoes) and we actually had dinner at our own table last night, followed by a few hours out by our fire pit. I'll have to post pictures of the house when we get things more settled in.

3 1/2 days left of school
10 days until we find out the sex of the baby! (I've been picking up paint samples lately)

That's all for now!


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Millie said...

Yeah! I just bought a house too.Millie